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Future Star
Style : Rock
Nationalité : Portugal 

Biographie :  It all started in september 2005... Marco BRANTNER got together with an old school friend, Pedro LEAL and they decided to start a band.
In december they got to know Daniel RAMOS and started to rehearse together calling themselves SPLEEN POETRY.

They soon realized that it was going to be a rocky road ; they had to adapt to each other's individual style and they also needed other musicians to get the project off the ground.

Time was passing by and it seemed as if the project was never going to take off; the musicians didn't materialize and the 3 group members found themselves having to play covers in bars.
Pedro LEAL left the group because he couldn't juggle his music and his studies, but despite that, Marco BRANTNER and Daniel RAMOS promised themselves that they would achieve their goal at all costs.
They started to rehearse with some musicians, however none of them seemed to have the chemistry needed to interpret and express the songs in the way that SPLEEN POETRY wished.

Frustrated, they decided that there was only one thing to do... try to record an album with guest musicians. Then, Marco bumped into Paulo BAIXHINO (Su) and after explaining their project he believed that he could be the key to recording the album and expressing the music in the way that the band intended. The work was hard and challenging for everyone involved and after 7 months they finally brought it to an end. The result is an album called: What if... ? you can buy it directly on their myspace.

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What if... ?    

T'as le spleen coco ?


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