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Style : Heavy Metal
Support :  CD promo - Année : 2007
Provenance du disque : Reçu du groupe
9titre(s) - 49minute(s)

Site(s) Internet : 

Label(s) :

Auteur : Raskal
Date de publication : 24/12/2007
Prometteur !
Cette chronique a été réalisée en anglais à l'époque de mon Blog MYSPACE. Plutôt que de vous proposer une traduction très approximative je préfère laisser l'original. Merci de votre compréhension.

Here is a band that brings something “new” into its way to play Heavy Metal! SEVENTH CALLING is an old young band as the musicians are 80’s veterans, leaders Lance Lange and Steve Handel met in 1989! The result of these 18 years of collaboration gives a very personal album that all fans of Powerful Heavy Metal will love ! As always more than tons of words some influences are better for you: ICED EARTH, SLAYER (Mid Tempo songs from the first era), METALLICA, MORGANA LEFAY , actual VICIOUS RUMOURS, TOURNIQUET, KING DIAMOND (on The song Insanity , one of the best one for me), METAL CHURCH ! So you will find Heavy Metal with dark ambiance, with power and melodies (but we are far from “Happy Metal of course). Lance and Steve are the guitarists and believe me they did a fantastic work cause each song have plenty of solo and riffs, but not in a demonstrative way. It’s the kind of record you will have to listen around 10 times to understand and to tame it, but ach new listening will bring you something new for sure! The songs are generally mid tempo and full of dark, cold and urban ambiances. Monuments could taken like a music for a motion picture. Few parts are maybe too much aggressive for Melodic Heavy Metal fans, but if you are into actual or 90’s Heavy/Thrash you have to visit this Monuments…and if your corpse will find the exit, your soul could stay inside forever!

Style : Melodic Power/Thrash/Heavy Metal
Artistic part (cover/booklet…): 3/5
Interest for 80’s Heavy Metal Fans: 3/5
Interest for Traditional Metal fans in general: 5/5
RASKAL “The French Warrior” gives : 17/20
RASKAL “The Objective” gives : 19/20
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